Just Small Trees, LLC
Paul Nystrom
2474 Walnut St. #155
Cary, NC 27518
1212 Marsalis Way
Cary, 27519
May 15, 2021
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October 31, 2021
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    Maple Tree – Front yard, trunk bark in poor condition. Approximately 20 feet tall x 5 inch diameter

    $115 Cut down tree and dispose
    $140 Dig out stump and dispose (I will call 811 first to mark utility lines. Price assumes no utilities to work around which is usually the case.)

    Digging out the stump is cheaper than my minimum for stump grinding and also gets rid of the stump and roots instead of leaving the stump and roots ground up in place. With stump grinding, the grindings have to be removed and replaced with soil if you are going to replant right away.

  2. Tree replacement – TBD

    Tree planting service information here:…

Subtotal $255.00
Total $255.00


Thank you.


Estimate: If, upon arriving at the site, it is determined the final price will exceed the estimate by more than 25%, your approval will be required before work begins.

Quote: The price listed here is the final price unless you change your mind on what needs to be done.

Estimates and quotes are good for the shorter of 30 days or until the condition of the tree changes substantially, such as being struck by lightning or damaged in high winds.

Status Update
May 15, 2021 @ 1:35 PM

Status changed: Draft to Pending.