Just Small Trees, LLC
Paul Nystrom
2474 Walnut St. #155
Cary, NC 27518
115 Bancroft Brook Dr
Cary, 27519
June 12, 2020
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Expiration Date
July 12, 2020
Estimate Total
  1. Service

    Leyland Cypress – (8) trees

    $240 DOWN – Cut down, cut stumps as low as conditions permit
    $265 DISPOSAL – Dispose of debris, clean up


    GRINDING – Stumps ground to 6″ below grade. Grindings raked up and piled neatly over stump location. (Stump grinding removal and soil replacement is available and can be quoted on request.)

    $200 – Grind each stump and root flare/mound in place
    $300 – Grind the entire row, even in between stumps – this probably won’t be necessary with the size of the stumps, but if I find a lot of roots going in between the stumps that would be better off ground then this is an option to better prep the soil for grass.


    I’ll call 811 to locate utilities in the area before grinding. 811 locates water and sewer to the curb, electrical, gas, and telecom to the house. Water and sewer generally go straight from the curb location to the house. If there is a question about water and sewer location the customer must either waive my liability for these lines or hire a location service to locate these lines.

    811 does not mark irrigation systems, low voltage wiring (dog invisible fences, lighting, security, etc.) and other underground systems. Per my waiver, I cannot take responsibility for these unless notified as to their existence and location.


    TOTAL $705-$805

  2. Shrubs – (9) Viburnum, privet, and ternstroemia shrubs at back corner and on side. Removing above ground portion of shrubs wouldn’t be an issue and grinding or digging out stumps at the back of the house will probably be without issue, but the stumps on the side of the house will likely present some issues with utility line locations. I can call 811 to get the area marked and go from there as far as grinding or digging.

    $345 SHRUB TOPS – Cut down, cut stumps as low as conditions permit, dispose of debris, clean up

    $200? – GRINDING – Depends on utility lines

Subtotal $1,250.00
Total $1,250.00


Thank you.


Estimate: If, upon arriving at the site, it is determined the final price will exceed the estimate by more than 25%, your approval will be required before work begins.

Quote: The price listed here is the final price unless you change your mind on what needs to be done.

Estimates and quotes are good for the shorter of 30 days or until the condition of the tree changes substantially, such as being struck by lightning or damaged in high winds.

Status Update
June 12, 2020 @ 7:44 PM

Status changed: Draft to Pending.

Status Update
September 17, 2020 @ 1:09 PM

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