Taking Pictures

Whether you want a quick yes/no, an estimate, or a quote, start by sending pictures. If you have trees too large for my ability, I’m able to quickly say you’ll need the help of a large-tree service company.

The Three Pictures to Take

Getting Started: Please mark the tree or trees to be removed with a piece of tape, string, paint, etc. If you have multiple trees in close proximity, you can include all of them in each picture. Otherwise please take three pictures of each tree.

Picture 1. Up close picture. Capture the bottom 5 to 10 feet of the tree. This helps me identify the tree species and estimate the tree’s diameter.
Picture 2. Distance picture. Capture the full size of the tree.
Picture 3. Distance picture at a right angle to the #2 picture. Again, capture the full size of the tree, but perpendicular to the first picture. So if the #2 picture is the front of the tree, take this one from the side. This helps me identify the tree’s height and any location hazards.

Send Your Pictures

Online via Remove Your Tree or email via Contact