Mailing Address
Just Small Trees, LLC
2474 Walnut St. #155
Cary, NC 27518


919-521-7651. It’s best to contact me through this website or by email. My phone is off when driving or working and that is most of the day. If you’re available for a return phone call outside of business hours, either early in the morning or late in the evening, please let me know.

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Service Area

About Me
I, Paul Nystrom, own and run Just Small Trees, LLC. I have grown, installed, transplanted, treated, pruned, and removed trees since 2012. I provide small tree services to solve tree problems now – before they grow large and damage the other trees, plants, and property you like. I received my ISA Certified Arborist credential in 2015.

Wildlife Rescue
Found baby birds? A downed squirrel nest? Other wildlife in need of rescue? I support Wildlife Welfare. If you use them to rescue an animal, please consider a donation or volunteering your time.