I separate tree downing and tree disposal services. This provides a wide range of prices and the option for you to handle the disposal yourself.

Downing Service

  • Overall: Safely cut down tree.
  • Safety covers protecting people & pets, then buildings & property, and finally landscape.
  • Cut and pile trunk into 3 to 10 large sections, depending on size of tree.
  • Cut and pile main branches.
  • Leave trunk pieces and branch piles in place.
  • Cut stump flush to the ground.
  • Blow or rake leaves, small debris, and chips.
  • Before & after pictures.

Disposal Service

  • Overall: Remove cut down tree from your property.
  • Tree disposal takes place within one week of tree downing.

Log Bucking Service

  • Overall: Cut trunk pieces and large branches ends into logs, lengths 12 to 16 inches, that you can split for firewood.
  • Leave pieces piled in place.
  • NOT split into firewood.
  • Billed by the hour in 15 minute chunks. 1 to 2 trees can be bucked in 15 minutes.

Pruning Service

  • Overall: Prune tree or shrub to arboricultural standards while meeting your requirements as close as possible.
  • Cuttings disposed.
  • Small debris disposed or blown into natural areas.
  • Diseased trees pruned, but extra cost for tool sterilization.
  • No warranty is given on pruning.

Shrub Removal Service

  • Overall: A shrub and its stump are dug up and disposed of.
  • Soil shaken off the stump before disposal.
  • Small debris are disposed or blown into natural areas.
  • Hole filling (unless soil provided) and root chasing are extra.
  • List of shrubs types removed with general pricing.
  • Details of my shrub removal service here.

Stump Grinding Service

    • Overall: Stumps are ground with a machine to below grade as conditions permit, generally 6 inches below grade.
    • Can be provided in some Wake County locations.
    • Conditions specified for each job.
    • Chips & debris removal extra.
    • Root chasing extra.

List of Services NOT Provided