Emergency Work


  1. Perform work that allows a customer to gain access to their property, resolve dangerous situations, or allows other repair work to proceed.
  2. Price work to encourage availability to the greatest number of customers.


  • No debris removal offered.
  • No work involving power lines.
  • No work on very large trees. Limit is < 25 inch diameter, even if on the ground.
  • No work in high winds.


  1. Work in the dark (with emergency lighting) OR
  2. Work during snowfall, freezing rain, heavy rain, or moderate wind OR
  3. Work during times the NC state government asks people to stay home OR
  4. Work during wide-spread power outages or fuel shortages caused by storms.


  • Emergency work is priced at $150 the first hour and $200 per hour every subsequent hour. Hours are charged in ½ hour blocks. There is a $150 minimum charge for any service call.
  • Prices increase after the first hour to encourage customers to do only the minimum necessary. This policy lets me answer more emergency calls.
  • Only estimates are given before starting emergency work. Final charges are based on time.


  • I have the right to refuse any job for any or no reason.
  • I can’t guarantee arriving to a job or being able to perform a job. If I can’t safely reach your property, I won’t do the job. If I can’t safely perform a job, I won’t do the job.
  • I order jobs by need. Expect a 4-hour window on any appointment made during emergency periods.
  • Please contact by email AND leave a phone message during emergency periods.
  • Tree debris will cut and moved out of the way as needed per GOAL #1. Please schedule debris removal at regular rates after the emergency period. Also, many local governments offer debris pickup after large storms.
  • Payment is expected upon work completion, as normal. All insurance claims must be settled between you and your insurance company. I provide electronic receipts and pictures on every job.
  • If the job can wait until after the emergency period, please wait. I do excellent work at great prices & I’m insured. By waiting, you also allow me to help someone else.