Disposal Options

What if you need a tree cut down but your budget puts tree disposal out of reach? I can offer lower prices where you take care of some or all of the disposal.

  • I can do partial disposal for you. Whether  you want to keep the large pieces for firewood or you have the equipment to shred the small pieces, whatever I don’t have to do will save you money.
  • Give away your firewood. If the trees are burnable, cut the trunk sections into firewood length logs. Don’t bother to split it. An ad on craigslist.org will have that wood gone in just a day or two. The magic words are “Free Wood”. Include a picture of the cut wood for fastest results. I can buck logs for you into the needed lengths for a small extra price, but much less than removing them.
  • Chip and shred your branches. If you own or can borrow a chipper/shredder for residential use you will be able to make a good mulch out of everything less than 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Anything larger than that can be used as firewood or given away with the firewood.
  • In many towns and cities, the local recycling center will take the debris for free or a small fee. In turn, the wood will be processed into mulch. For a slightly hire price than cutting your tree down, but much less than removal, I can cut the wood into lengths you can handle.
  • If you live in Wake County there are several private landfills, such as Currin Brothers in Apex or Rowland in Raleigh, that charge reasonable fees for an entire truck or trailer of yard waste. In most cases, the debris will be recycled into mulch or compost.