Self Disposal

Nobody likes to take out the garbage and that includes me. While I do offer a disposal service for an extra charge, I’d rather spend time in my specialty – cutting down small trees. So, if you skip the tree disposal service, what can be done with the tree debris left on your property?

  1. Make your own firewood. If the trees are burnable, cut and split them for firewood. Remember to season (dry) your wood before burning. I recommend splitting wood while green because it will dry out more quickly once split. Tough woods like elm and mulberry may require a hydraulic splitter. If you do it manually, Henry Ford said, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” For more information:
  2. Give away your firewood. If the trees are burnable, cut the trunk sections into firewood length logs. Don’t bother to split it. An ad on will have that wood gone in just a day or two. The magic words are “Free Wood”. Include a picture of the cut wood for fastest results.
  3. Chip and shred your branches. If you own or can borrow a chipper/shredder for residential use you will be able to make a good mulch out of everything less than 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Anything larger than that can be used as firewood or given away with the firewood.
  4. If you live in Cary, NC, the city recycling center will take the debris for free. In turn, the wood will be processed into mulch. Limbs less than 6 inches and of any length are acceptable, so nearly everything Just Small Trees cuts down qualifies. Larger pieces can be re-cut, split, or given away as firewood. Other towns and cities may have similar programs in place.
  5. If you live in Wake County, the Currin Brothers Apex Landfill charges very reasonable fees. As little as $20.00 for an entire truck or van load of yard waste in my experience. Nearby landfills charge over $100.00 for a similar volume, so this is a great deal. Everyone I’ve met there has been real friendly, too. Again, other locations may be available.

Landfill Locations

Cary Citizen’s Convenience Center
313 North Dixon Ave.
Cary, NC
COST: Free for Cary residents
LIMITS: 6″ diameter, any branch length

Currin Brothers Apex Landfill
4525 Sunset Lake Rd.
Apex, NC 27539
(919) 362-1549
COST: By vehicle load size. $15 min.
LIMITS: None, any size debris accepted.

Raleigh Yard Waste Center
900 N. New Hope Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
COST: $6.25 min, $25 per ton
LIMITS: 6″ diameter, 5′ branch length