Customer Reviews

Below is a collection of reviews Just Small Trees’ customers have left. I thank these customers for taking the time to review the service I provided. The feedback keeps me sharp. I hope potential customers reading these might be swayed just that little extra bit to contact me. To see the source for reviews posted to third-party sites, see the right-hand column on this page and click on the appropriate site.

I leave comments here & there on reviews over a year old as a way to look back at the experience of arboriculture. These comments are strictly about the job.

“The whole transaction was great from start to finish! We 100% will use Just Small Trees for future services.” – Jordan H. (Thumbtack) – 4/30/2018

David B. (Thumbtack) – 4/18/2018

“Paul did what I needed. He was very informative. Great communication. Job well done. Thank you.” – Clarence K. (Thumbtack) – 3/21/2018

“Excellent work. Quick response and service. Quote was spot on.” – Samantha H. (Thumbtack) – 3/19/2018

“Great job – quick to respond, professional – gave a detailed quote of the work he would perform – verified this was what I wanted. Sent pictures of work once completed. Very easy to work with considering this is rental property and I am far away. Online payment a breeze and greatly appreciated on my part.” – Margaret O. (Thumbtack) – 3/8/2018

“Paul was great. Came out for a timely estimate and completed the work on the spot. Great work and will hire again!” – Matt S. (Thumbtack) – 2/24/2018

“Paul was fantastic, friendly, professional with safety always in mind. He provided me a quote via Yelp after we discussed the issue and provided some photos. He was out the next morning to complete the job. He completed an almost impossible task in my mind. We had a tall pine leaning into another and was stuck and wouldn’t come down completely.  He used pulleys  to work its way down and made sure it was falling in the right direction to prevent any damage to my home. Highly recommend him!” – Grant A. (Yelp) – 2/20/2018

“I had several thick bushes that were cut down however the previous person could not remove the roots. I also had a couple of tree stumps that needed to be removed and cut down. Paul was very professional with the quoting process with reasonable and fair rates. He made sure no electrical or plumbing lines interfered with the removal process and performed a thorough and complete job. I would highly recommend his services and will use him again.” – Anonymous (Thumbtack) – 1/2/2018

“He performed great work at a great price. Very trustworthy and I’d hire him again to do more work when the need arises!” – Zachary K. (Thumbtack) – 12/17/2017

“Paul did a great job taking down a good size crape myrtle positioned to close to my house and driveway. He responds quickly to all questions, worked fast and neatly, and is truly a pro at what he does. Highly recommend.” – Diane B. (Google) – 11/24/2017

“Paul was absolutely great to work with. Would not hesitate to recommend him again. He did a great job and a fair price.” – Chris D. (Thumbtack) – 9/27/2017

“Great job!” – Dee S. (Thumbtack) 9/5/2017

“We had a shrub that had been trimmed by a previous homeowner into some kind of spiral shape, but it had gone into disrepair. Paul took a look at the shrub and gave his suggestions for how to make it architectural again even it it wouldn’t be perfect since the previous cuts weren’t even. We’re really happy with how he brought shape and interest to this shrub again!” – Suz P. (Thumbtack) – 7/20/2017

“Paul is friendly and professional.  He arrived to the job site as scheduled with the proper safety gear and work equipment.  We discussed the action plan for downing my Dogwood trees and I signed the paperwork.  He marked off the work area with cones and made sure it was clear and safe to proceed.  Great job! I highly recommend Just Small Trees.” – Teresa B. (Yelp) – 7/4/2017

“Paul came out on Friday to give a quote and removed the tree today, Tuesday. We can see our house now! They did a great job and we are very pleased with the work and the price!” – Heidi K. (Thumbtack) – 6/27/2017

“Paul was great! He showed up early, reviewed the work that needed to get done and said he could actually knock it out then, even though it was 5p. He did an incredible job, cleaned up everything and even came in lower than the rate he quoted. I will definitely hire Just Small Trees again.” – Tera S. (Thumbtack) – 5/22/2017

“I wish I could give JST 6 stars!” – Hayley P. (Thumbtack) – 5/16/2017

“Flexible. Easy to work with. Professional.” – Jeff M. (Thumbtack) 5/9/2017

“Paul is very professional and skilled at his profession. He carefully listened to what we wanted, and also offered his observations and comments. He is reasonably priced, and we are extremely happy with the work he did for us. We will not hesitate to request his services again.” – Wendy P. (Thumbtack) – 4/21/2017

“Paul at Just Small Trees was quick to bid and quick to complete the work. Very professional and reasonably priced stump removal. I highly recommend this company for shrub removal.” – Jon J. (Thumbtack) – 2/27/2017

“Fair price, showed up on time, did great work, would definitely hire again!” – Matt B. (Thumbtack) – 2/2/2017

“Had an oak and a maple that were each about 12″+ diameter whose trunks were essentially touching my back deck. Both had tricky fall zones where each had to be dropped within a relatively small angle or there could be damage to the deck. Both trees fell exactly as planned. His preparation and use of tarps and blankets helped prevent damage to deck as he was de-limbing at first. He explained all the charges up front and his initial estimate that he made by pictures and email were right on. While he was here I asked him to do an assessment on an important dogwood and provide care/maintenance advice. I just payed for a drop and cut up and he did a very thorough job of stacking debris. His method of dropping trees without using expensive power equipment enabled him to offer a great value. I built my own house and appreciate a great value and Paul does that with spades as well as a courteous and professional attitude. A++” – Lee E. (Google) – 1/5/2017

“We used Paul to remove 3 trees;  We had a 45 foot pine tree leaning toward our house, a 50ft tree that was dead and another tree that was wrapping around a healthy tree effectively choking it.  We sent him some pictures and he came out to see the property.  He was timely with his estimate; patient with our timeline, and diligent in researching plantings that would work on our property.  We were so pleased with his quote and work removing the 3 trees that we hired him to purchase and plant 10-15 trees.  We were very happy with his performance.  He transported trees that weren’t flourishing in a spot and tried salvage them by moving them.  He did an excellent job with the plantings as well and gave us care instructions.  I would highly recommend him.” – James G. (Yelp) – 12/21/2016

“I highly recommend Paul. He is very knowledgeable in his field. He quickly and inexpensively remedied our problem with girdling roots on a tree we love and didn’t want to get rid of. He wrote a thorough summary of the trees issues with recommendations for continued management. He is a hard worker and won’t quit till the job is done.” – Dave G. (Thumbtack) – 12/1/2016

“I initially contacted Paul two months ago about some tree concerns. He was prompt to respond, to come out to my home and provide a quote for the removal of three trees. His quote was extremely reasonable. I also inquired about planting some trees and shrubs on my grounds. Paul came out a second time to study the soil and landscape and provided detailed thoughtful recommendations; something three other people did not. Again, his quote was fair and reasonable. I hired him for both jobs. Paul seems interested in preserving what can be preserved, which is a wonderful trait and one that saves the homeowner money too. He moved four small existing dogwoods in addition to planting nine other trees and shrubs. He took down the three trees and left the property clean. I will use him in the future and highly recommend him. If you are looking for fair quotes, no pressure and outstanding work, Paul Nystrom of Just Small Trees is your man.” – brands (Google) – 11/19/2016

“Prompt and cleaned up the project in no time.” – Sabrina K. (Thumbtack) 11/17/2016

“Paul’s communication and work are superb! He did a fantastic job and I will hire him again without hesitation.” – Amanda B. (Thumbtack) – 11/14/2016

“Just Small Trees did everything I asked for in a timely manner,I will use his services again in the future when needed!” – David F. (Thumbtack) 11/11/2016

“Paul did what was needed and all I asked. No upselling or anything. Price seem reasonable beyond my expectations so gave a tip since he stayed a bit longer than he probably expected as one of the supporting trees would not let go of the one we were trying to bring down.” – Mark H. (Thumbtack) 10/28/2016

“Reasonable price, good job, prompt service” – Katlyn F. (Thumbtack) 10/6/2016

“What a wonderful experience I had with Just Small Trees. I called because I have a large Red Oak tree that I needed some advice on. Paul was quick to respond and we began the evaluation via email and sending pictures. Paul asked to come out and evaluate the tree. After his evaluation, he was honest and told me that he didn’t handle trees of that size, but he recommended three folks with whom he’s worked in the past. I so appreciated his honesty and true concern for the tree and how best to get done what I needed to get done. I HIGHLY recommend Paul and Just Small Trees for your tree needs.” – Kay. J (Google) 10/1/2016

“Excellent. The clean up was so good you’d never even know the shrubs were there! Definitely recommend.” – Susan M. (Thumbtack) 10/4/2016

“Paul was fantastic. He was on time, worked quickly and cleanly, and even showed me what had happened to my tree that made it fall. I will definitely use him again.” – Laura C. (Thumbtack) 9/6/2016

“Paul did an awesome job removing two trees from our yard. He was super professional, easy to work with. My family loves him. You cant go wrong with Just Small Trees.” – John B. (Thumbtack) 8/11/2016

“Did an amazing job on our yard! Highly recommend Paul to do any type of bush or tree in your yard!” – Paul L. (Thumbtack) 7/14/2016

“Paul did a great job cutting down a fallen tree off of our shed/fence and making sure it didn’t damage anything. He was very professional and went above and beyond what we expected. We will definitely hire him again for any small trees that need to be cut down.” – Brian K. (Thumbtack) 6/23/2016

“Paul met today to review my project, gave me an exceptionally reasonable quote, did work same visit. He was knowledgeable about my trees, one dying and why, actually named one I had no idea what it was. Very helpful, on time, and price what I was expecting to pay. Thank you for a job well done.” – Marg H. (Thumbtack) 6/17/2016

[This was a tree pruning job on an Ash that makes a welcome change from tree removals. Whereas a tree removal is often full of tension, excitement, and danger, tree pruning gives me a chance to solve a problem for a customer, apply skill to the job, and get joy from the work without a roller coaster of emotion. It’s unfortunate that the emerald ash borer is moving in to North Carolina (even being reported in Wake county) because the ash is a beautiful tree.

“Great experience! Job was estimated then firmed up. Scheduled and completed as described 100% on time and very well done! Would definitely call and hire again when needed!” – Paul O. (Thumbtack) 6/15/2016

[This was the first job I got using Thumbtack. The tree was a fairly large wind-blown pine, perhaps 24 inches plus near the base. Luckily, it was in the yard and not on any structures. When I arrived I attempted to place my vehicle closer to the tree to save time with equipment and loading. Lo and behold, there was a cut off dogwood stump hidden by the grass that punctured my tire as soon as I started backing up! But what better way to warm-up than changing a tire? In any case, I got the tire changed and the rest of the job went smoothly, some brush, but mostly bucking up sections of the pine into movable chunks. – PN]