All pricing depends on actual conditions. This price list is to give you an idea of what to expect. I generate all quotes from specific tree measurements, actual tree conditions, and actual site condition so that you get my best price for the work you want completed.

When are prices lower? Prices are lower when a tree is straight-forward, in good condition, and there is adequate room to remove the tree in one piece. For small trees in the “A” category, I often combine multiple trees into one for a better price. If a large diameter tree is missing most of its limbs, expect disposal prices to be less.

When are prices higher? Prices are higher when a tree is at the upper size limit for its range or presents challenges such as: trees growing into fencing, trees embedded with metal stakes, trees growing over roofs, trees that needs branches roped down so they don’t fall onto fencing, trees with animal nests (in most cases work will need to be rescheduled, see below), busy roadside trees, and storm-fallen trees that have branches under unusual forces presenting extra danger – often these trees are on buildings and other structures. I have experience with all of these.

I do not remove trees with inhabited animal nests. I will work around the animal’s life cycle or contract a humane removal service to relocate live animals for trees that need removal sooner.

Trees that have high disposal costs relative to their size include Bradford Pear and Mulberry. They produce large amounts of heavy wood on closely spaced branches that is difficult to work with.

Tree Downing and Disposal

Downing, per tree Disposal, per tree
Tree Size Category base upper end lower end upper end
A $75 $125 $60 $150
B $90 $155 $80 $225
C $110 $185 $120 $300
D $130 $235 $180 $400
E $150 $285 $240 $500
F $170 $335 $320 $600
G $190 $385 $400 $700
H $210 $435 $500 $800

Tree Size Category

Tree Height
Diameter < 20′ < 25′ < 30′ < 40′ < 50′ < 60′
< 4″ A A
< 6″ A A B
< 8″ A B B B
< 10″ B B B C C
< 12″ B B C C D D
< 14″
< 16″
< 18″
< 20″
< 24″
< 28″

For trees that are too large for me to handle or exceed my skills, I can recommend 2 to 3 large-tree service companies to contact. I recommend tree services that do good work, work safely, and that hire Americans; I support American workers. You may pay more, but your neighbors will have a job.

I don’t give your name or contact information to these companies. The decision to contact them is yours.

Stump Grinding: Starts at $225.00 which covers one hour of my basic stump grinding service using a large-size grinder. This grinder is significantly more powerful than typically available to homeowners at equipment rental stores. If you share stumps with a next-door neighbor, the stumps can often be combined to meet the minimum price. I call 811 before grinding. I also run a metal detector in areas where metal is often found in stumps. There is no charge for this if no metal is found, but I do charge for removing or working around found metal. Stump grinding into metal is extremely dangerous and also damaging to the machine.

Options: I remove stump grindings (a heavy mix of wood and dirt) at $200 per cubic yard, minimum 1/4 yard. Stump grindings left in place for 2 years will generally make an excellent soil. I refill holes with 50/50 certified compost/screened topsoil or screened topsoil starting at $50. I do not recommend Big Box store topsoil as it’s poor quality in most cases and has no actual mineral-based soil in it. Contact a local nursery or landscape supply for better ingredients or transfer some from within your property.

Tree Planting: Please see this page that details pricing for tree and shrub planting. I plant from 1 quart to 25 gallon containers, so there is a wide range of prices.

Log Bucking: $120.00 per hour, clean wood.

Pruning: $120.00 per hour. Disposal of the material generated by pruning is included for fine pruning and will be estimated for larger pruning. Pruning of tree and shrubs with fire blight or similar, highly-contagious diseases rated at $140.00 per hour to cover tool sterilization. Roses with rose rosette are bagged and disposed in a landfill to prevent the spread of mites.

Shrub Removal: Includes removal of stumps and disposal of debris. Prices below are general prices. Please see this page for a more specific list of shrubs and their prices.

Shrub Height: under 3′ to 4′ to 6′ to 8′ to 10′ 10’+
Price each: $25 $35 $60 $90 $120 As Tree
Extras (each): Root chasing and hole filling quoted upon request. I remove loose soil from stumps to minimize the replacement soil needed.

All pricing depends on actual conditions. This price list is to give you an idea of what to expect. I generate all quotes from specific measurements and actual site conditions so that you get my best price for the work you want completed.